Phone - How to silence a call

You would get upset about a situation there is a sudden incoming call with a loud ringtone playing when you are unable to answer a call, such as while you are in a meeting.

Also, if you are not willing to take the call because you do not want to talk to the caller, then you will have another problem. You cannot leave the phone ringing, but you still do not want to answer him...

In this kind of situation, there is a helpful feature that lets you quickly silence an incoming call.

Press Sleep/Wake button during call

To silence the ringer and/or stop the vibration (if enabled), press the Sleep/Wake button once during a call.

To send an incoming call directly to your carrier's voicemail service, press the Sleep/Wake button twice. If you do not have a voicemail service activated, the call will be disconnected.

Please see: Call response options when unable to take the call

sleep / wake

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